High Court expected to hear case challenging sim-card registration

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High Court expected to hear case challenging sim-card registration


The High Court in Kampala is today expected to hear a case challenging the ongoing sim-card registration.

This case is to be heard by High Court Judge in-charge of Civil Matters Steven Musota.

On April 18th 2017 the Uganda Communications Commission was dragged to court by Rights Trumped Ltd, a non-government organization advocating for human rights and the jobless brotherhood challenging the commission’s directive that Ugandans to only use National IDs as the official identification document for this exercise.

The group claims that by so doing UCC has denied Ugandans the right to use their passports and other official documents issued by the government of Uganda.

According to court documents, the use of passports to register sim-cards is only a privilege of foreigners.

This comes with just three days to the deadline set for sim-card registration, failure of which will lead to deactivation by telecom companies.


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