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May 16, 2017
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May 16, 2017

Speedy burglars survive lynching in Namanyonyi


By Walukhu Simon Peter

Two suspected thieves in Kinyole Zone B, Nkoma parish in Namanyonyi Sub County this morning survived the wrath of residents after they sped off and disappeared into a thick maize plantation.


The unidentified burglars had reportedly tried to break into the house of one Baiswike Latifu a resident of the same area, but their luck ran out as one of the residents came out to ease himself.

Namanyonyi Sub County has been faced with increasing cases of burglary where residents say they hardly spend a night without a hose being broken into.


According to one of the witnesses, the thieves had gained access to the wall-fenced home using a ladder they erected at the backyard.

Bakuseka Maja Ramadhan the former speaker Namanyonyi sub county who is also a resident of the same area told Step FM that following an alarm, a chase ensued but the speedy culprits escaped through a thick maize plantation leaving behind stolen items which included hens, shoes, clothes.

George Wogwale the chairman LC1 chairperson of Kiynole B Zone has confirmed the incident and also calling upon residents to report suspected thieves. He further warned residents against abating theft by buying stolen items.

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